Whats On

Saturday 23rd of April, Rachael Petridis, Francesca Meehan and William Shakespeare!

Rachael Petridis (pictured) is a Fremantle-based poet, and is a founding member of the Fremantle writing group OOTA.  In 2009 Rachael won a residency with Varuna Longlines Australian Poetry Centre Program.  Her work is widely published in journals and a range of anthologies including The Attitude of Cups (MPU), Southern Sun, Aegean Light (Arcadia), Lines in the Sand (FAWWA), Indigo, Australian Poetry Members Anthology (Australian Poetry 2013), JukeBox (Out of the Asyl

Saturday 16th of April, Colin Young and Kai Schweizer!

Our two features this Saturday 16th April 2016 are eclectic, elusive but worth listening to.

Colin Young is volunteer Publicity Officer at FAWWA.  If you google “Colin Young poet”, you get images of Donald Trump, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, but none of Colin. Colin translates ancient Greek poetry, has a PhD in Ancient/Classical Greek Language and Literature, has been known to wear a golden wreath (ancient Roman style), but his poetry is grounded in the here and now.

Saturday 26th of March, Splodge (aka Marcus John) and Vomit!

Splodge (aka Marcus John) (pictured left) is an English-born performance poet, writer, interventionist and artist.  He is dynamic.  His voice is velvet smooth, yummy as chocolate.  His words dance through your senses and take you to surprising places!  His poetry has featured on both the written page and nebulous web, but it is best to experience it live…

Saturday 5th of March, Woman Scream 2016

This Saturday is Woman Scream 2016, the Sixth Woman Scream International Poetry Festival in association with WA Poets Inc and the Women Poets International Movement.  Your MCs for the afternoon will be Christine Della Vedova and Tineke Van der Eecken.

The format is Open Mike – all welcome

This year’s message is against ancient practices and laws of abuse against women, such as rape, Genital Mutilation, stoning, acid attacks on women and girls.