Saturday 10th of December, Virginia O'Keefe and Glen Phillips (reading John Ryan)!

This Saturday (10th December 2016) our feature poet is Virginia O’Keefe, and if the stars and planets align themselves we expect to have Glen Phillips reading John Ryan’s poetry.  

Virginia O'Keeffe has lived across most states and taught in high schools for most of her life.  She is fascinated by social history.  She has been short listed twice for the Tom Collins prize and been commended in the Creatrix Poetry Awards.   She has also written short stories and a column in her local monthly suburban magazine.

In other aspects of life, Virginia is an art quilter and has shown in a number of juried exhibitions and won President's Choice in the annual WAQA show this year.  So no matter what the top, batting or backing life presents, we are delighted to have Virginia O’Keefe this Saturday afternoon 10th December, 2pm – 4pm, at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open-mike as always…

At time of going to press, we may have Glen Phillips reading John Ryan’s poetry

John Ryan is a writer whose botanical poetry explores what he calls the inherently mysterious nature of the plant world.   John likes his wine, has written poetry about it, has collaborated with Ellen Hickman (botanical illustrator) to produce the book, Two with Nature, and has a PhD from ECU on “Plants, people and place: cultural botany and the Southwest Australian flora”.   He is a wonderful poet.

Glen Phillips is poet and professor at ECU.  Born in 1936 in Southern Cross WA, he has taught all his working life (including 50 years at ECU) and is internationally published, with some 30+ books, 10+ short stories and hundreds of poems.



17-Dec-16                  Splodge + Mega Open-mike Gig (end of year gig), with announcement of Chriku winner

Then re-convene for an end-of-year pizza after the gig at Comet Pizza, 252 William Street Northbridge.  Comet Pizza is recently opened, and located between The Moon and the Horse-shoe Bridge.  We would provide some pizza and garlic bread.  The venue is BYO alcohol, no BYO soft drink. 

A Five Week Break

8-Jan-17                  Northbridge Yum Cha on Sunday (no poetry) before we start back (details to be provided soon)

14-Jan-17                  First gig - Craig Rogers + Splodge

21-Jan-17                  Joanna Wakefield + Istenad Haddad