Saturday 1st of December, Rikki Livermore and Toby Marks!

This Saturday (1st December 2016) our feature poets are Rikki Livermore and Toby Marks.  

‘Rik The Most’ (aka Rikki Livermore) is a powerful performance poet, hailing from the UK, whose writing spans a range of topics; from admonishing political fear mongering to vulnerable tales of loss; protests against the cold, archaic forms of education stifling creativity to painfully beautiful pieces on the lesser spoken-about sides of love – no matter what the subject he enjoys taking inspiration from the, both, amazing and horrifying aspects of humanity to create works that question and deeply explore the world in which we live.  Combined with this, from working as a breakdancer with a love of hiphop, Rik has developed an intense passion (bordering on obsession!) for playing around with rhythms and rhymes in his work, taking each word apart and analyzing the syllables for all they’re worth!

Toby Marks is an aspiring poet/ spoken word artist who has performed at Spoken Word Perth, Perth Poetry Club and other venues (most recently at ESP).  More details to come…

So we are delighted to have Rikki Livermore and Toby Marks this Saturday afternoon 3rd December, 2pm – 4pm, at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.

Open-mike as always…

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