Saturday 19th of November, Jonothon Twist!

This Saturday (19th November 2016) our feature poet is Jonothon Twist.  

Jonothon Twist does his best to be a poetry club regular.  He has been published in various print and online poetry journals including Uneven Floor, Recoil and Creatrix, and has had work included in a WA Poets Inc Anthology, while also putting in feature appearances at many live poetry events over the years, including the Perth Poetry Club at the Moon Cafe.  Jonothon has self-published three chapbooks; the most recent of these, 'Whatever Happened to Jonothon Twist?' brings together some of his latest poetry and also serves to outline his experiences with mental health issues.  

So we are delighted to have Jonothon Twist this Saturday afternoon 19th November, 2pm – 4pm, at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.

Open-mike as always…

In coming weeks we have the following features:

26-Nov-16                  Naniso Tswai (spoken word poet from Berlin, Germany)

3-Dec-16                  Rikki Livermore (UK) & Toby Marks