Saturday 12th of November, Scott-Patrick Mitchell!

This Saturday (12th November 2016) our feature poet is Scott-Patrick Mitchell.  

Scott-Patrick Mitchell is a menace to society.  If he isn't dressing up in outrageous style, then he's writing poetry that slams sonics, formality and an overt love of experimentation together & then audaciously ramming it down microphones.  His latest chapbook INNER PITY POEMS was released through Department of Poetry this year and is available for sale.  SPM is most notably known for THE 24 HOUR PERFORMANCE POEM at Crack Theatre Festival where he improvised poetry for 24 hours straight. He won't inflict that on you today. Today, instead, bare witness to THE 12 MINUTE the second half. First, some slam poems.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s poetry has been described by Bold Monkey’s George Anderson ‘as one of the most diverse and original emerging poets working in WA today’ while John Kinsella has described his work as being ‘new ahead of the new’.   

Scott-Patrick Mitchell also has an excellent poetry zine that will be available to purchase for $5 this Saturday! The zine "MoTHER" features Scott-Patrick Mitchell and Perth-based poets Jan Napier, Sue Clennell, Timothy Parkin, The Laundry Man, Maddie Godfrey and Matt Hetherington. More at:

So be on the front foot this Saturday afternoon (12th Nov), 2pm – 4pm at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.   Open-mike as always…

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