Saturday 5th of November, Rosemary Longhurst and Liz Mistry!

This Saturday 5th November 2016 week we have two great features by name of Rosemary Longhurst and Liz Mistry.

Rosemary Longhurst has written since the age of four, now rather more than half a century ago, but has only recently ventured to bring her work into the public sphere, encouraged by publication of a poem in the “Looking West’ issue of the prestigious Griffith Review.  This set up false expectations as it paid more dollars than there were words, however she has had further (unpaid) work printed in Creatrix, Primo Lux etc.  She also has a self-published collection of assorted writings entitled “The Hope Beast” and has completed a 150,000 word novel “The Hamlet Project”, just to prove she can sustain something longer than a poem.

Rosemary’s public creative endeavour has been in theatre, with a lifetime of experience as an actor in the UK and Australia.  She is currently a member of Well Versed, a group of experienced performers who present poetry programmes, mostly by invitation.

Liz Mistry has a streak of creativity in the makeup of her nature.  She has a background in nursing and trained in art therapy using varied art forms including poetry, story, myth, ritual and meditation to navigate the soul and psyche.

Liz trained in drama in her youth and loves the stage.  Poetry is a form of personal expression for Liz - painting with words.  It provides a voice, an outlet and a mirror and to quote Joseph Campbell, ‘to be like a wheel rolling out of its own centre.'

So see and hear the creativity and poetry of Rosemary Longhurst and Liz Mistry, this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm at The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open-mike as always.

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