Saturday 8th of October, Gail Williams and Mike Pedrana!

This Saturday 8th October 2016, we have two great features Gail Willems and Mike Pedrana.

Gail Willems is a retired nurse, lives near the beach, swims, plays with a body board, drinks good shiraz and the occasional bubbles.

Gail is an accomplished and award winning poet, being published in Prospect, Regime Books, Poetry D’Amour,  Blackmail Press NZ, Kurangabaa, , 5UV (Writers Radio Adelaide), Famous Reporter, The Mozzie ,. Creatrix, AquilleRelle (Belgium) dot dot dash, Long Glances, (Manning Clark House)  fourW25 26 ( Charles Sturt University) Idiom23 (CQUniversity Press) erbacce (erbacce-press UK)  Dangerously Poetic (Byron Bay Writers Festival 2016), apoetry anthology, and others.

Her Haiku has been published and translated into Chinese.  Her first poetry collection is “Blood Ties and Crack- Fed Dreams” Ginninderra Press 2013.

Mike Pedrana was raised in a desolate country town, received his first typewriter at 12 and tried to publish at 13.  At 14 he discovered Sylvia Platt and decided that day he was going to be a poet.  He also had a talent for fighting and has combined both in his life.  Mike has been sponsored by NSW’s councils to read his poetry all through the country.  It was here that he was complimented by a lovely lady for one of his poems, to which Mike offered her a joint around the back of the shed in Lightening Ridge   She declined, later to discover he had just tried to get the Federal Minister for the Arts stoned!!

 Following the poets’ path, Mike hitch-hiked around Australia for 12 years fighting and writing and absorbing life.  Filled with an insight into the criminal underbelly ... his life changed when he had his daughters...  Mike has read all over Australia and been published in various magazines (Creatrix being one of them).  He has an interest in publishing a book as a legacy for his kids...

This Saturday afternoon 8th October is your chance to hear our two features Gail Willems and Mike Pedrana at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.  The gig is from 2pm to 4pm, open-mike as always.

In the coming fortnight we have


KSP Anthology Launch - Suddenly the Rain, readings by the Poets@KSP poetry group featuring guest poet Glen Phillips

launched by Shane McCauley

Open-mike as always



“It’s Sylvia Plath” by Dean Meredith, Alexis Lateef & Amy Hilhorst

Open mike as always, and open-mikers are welcome to do their own poetry and/or favourite Sylvia Plath poems