Saturday 24th of September, JACKSON and Ross Jackson!

This Saturday 24th September 2016, we have JACKSON and Ross Jackson to entertain us.

JACKSON is a computer science graduate and poet. Her doctoral research at Edith Cowan University explores how poetry might harmonise Western scientific and Eastern spiritual worldviews.  Her journal and anthology publications include Westerly, Plumwood Mountain, the Australian Poetry Journal and the Western Australian Poetry Anthology (Fremantle Press, forthcoming).  Jackson has published two books, a chapbook, seven zines and a CD.  She won the 2014 Ethel Webb Bundell Poetry Prize.  Jackson's many guest appearances include the Queensland and Tasmanian Poetry Festivals.  She is the founding editor of online poetry journal Uneven Floor.  The National Library archives her collected works website Proximity.

Ross Jackson was formerly employed to conduct English classes armed with a gun, a whip and a chair.  He is now a local poet.  Ross has jammed 46 of his already published poems into a collection, Mallee and other poems.  Warning: you will not find any sex, violence or politics in this collection, although the word scrotum appears once in Castrado (see page 13).  Ross adopts the persona of an observer moving through the suburbs.  He enjoys trying to take readers with him on these journeys, but it is not easy keeping the group together, so thank you for your patience…

… and rewarded you will be to see JACKSON and Ross Jackson this Saturday 24th September 2pm-4pm at the Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open-mike as always.


In the weeks following we have:

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8-Oct-16      Gail Willems & Mike Pedrana