Saturday 17th of September, Chris Arnold and Tim Gallagher!

We have two great poets Chris Arnold and Tim Gallagher this Saturday who let the power and magic of poetry resonate in what they write and perform.

Chris Arnold has been around Perth poetry gigs since 2010. Lately he’s been writing mostly about dreams, cats, and the people that have them. He recently finished an honours degree in English, where he developed a nasty habit of writing narratives than span many poems. Usually they’re too long for a reading, but this Saturday…

Tim Gallagher is a poet, song-writer and performer relatively new to the Perth poetry scene, and a member of local music group Gasoline that has also been making waves. This is an opportunity to hear Tim as a feature poet.  He is a quiet, modest chap.  He lets his lyrics and poems make the noise…

Perth Poetry Club is the place to see and hear Chris Arnold and Tim Gallagher, 2pm – 4pm this Saturday 17th September at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.   Open-mike as always.

In the next few weeks we have the following equally entertaining features:

24-Sep-16                  Jackson & Ross Jackson

1-Oct-16                  Mega Open-mike gig