Saturday 10th of September, Francesca Sasnaitis and Leni Battalis!

This Saturday 10th September 2016, we have two wonderful features by way of Francesca Sasnaitis and Leni Battalis.

Francesca Sasnaitis is also known as Jurate (U-R-A-T-A), and was named after the goddess of the sea in Lithuanian mythology.  She has been a painter, printmaker, sculptor, furniture maker, bookseller and publisher, but is now concentrating on writing her first novel as part of a PhD at UWA.  Her poetry, book reviews and short fictions have been published online and in various print journals and magazines.  On this Saturday, she will be launching ‘The Book of Fables’, a collection of six poems published especially to coincide with the Perth Poetry Club reading.

Leni Battalis is a lazy photographer, self-proclaimed sad girl and aspiring poet, currently living in Perth.  She will tell anyone who asks that she has a large crush on everyone she has ever met and all of her poetry is about them, unless her parents are in the audience.  She is currently the director of the Sad Girl Collective, a female-led and all-inclusive art community slowly finding its feet and its way in Fremantle…

Perth Poetry Club is the place to be to see and hear Francesca Sasnaitis and Leni Battalis, 2pm – 4pm this Saturday 10th September at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.   Open-mike as always.

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