Thank you from Perth Poetry Club! And the lineup for 2016...

Thank you to everyone who performed and attended Perth Poetry Club in 2015. Overall we had 70+ features, 800+ open-mikers, and 1,750+ audience for the year.

Perth Poetry Club is in recess over the Christmas – New Year period, and starts back with a vengeance on Saturday 16th January 2016 and beyond with the following great line-up (open-mike as always):

16-Jan-16 HelChild & Steve Fulcher (also known as H'arp, JC)
23-Jan-16 David Pensabene & Alex Dubus (UK)
30-Jan-16 Caitlin Maling & Alex Chapman
6-Feb-16 Fabulous poets from the Said Poets Society
13-Feb-16 David Slade & Sanna Peden
20-Feb-16 Daniel Oxenburgh & illustrations from his book “Wrong Way Up”
27-Feb-16 Recoil-7 zine launch
5-Mar-16 Woman Scream 2016