Saturday 20th of August, Jo Merrey and Sarah Ure!

Voicebox and Spoken Word Perth are the focus this Saturday 20th August 2016

Jo Merrey spends most of her time editing and not enough time writing.  When she does get to write at the moment, it is mainly for the doctoral thesis about women’s agency in late-medieval England that she is trying to work on but sometimes the writing takes the form of poetry.  Jo’s weakness for books and stationery means she won’t be able to give up her day job any time soon.  In the meantime, she writes what she can, when she can.  She counts it a bonus when the writing is poetry. Jo is part of the Voicebox Collective.

Sarah Ure is the human embodiment of a tiny cactus in a miniature pot.  She is very cute but also dangerous, and despite requiring little-to-no maintenance, she improves any room she inhabits.  Sarah has a degree in psychology, or as it’s known in poetry circles, ‘feels’.  This means that she can tell what you’re thinking and will know if you’re pretending to listen to her set but actually thinking about Pokémon Go.  Sarah is the brand spanking new secretary of Spoken Word Perth as well as a regular and beloved performer at their events, and is a member of the Said Poets Society.  She was invited to perform at the WA Medical Students’ Society’s Global Health Conference 2016, and has been published several times on the Spoken Word Perth Youtube channel.  Sarah would like to stress that sexually transmitted poetry is a very real threat and should be taken seriously.  She hopes you enjoy her set.

Join us for an intriguing Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm, 20th August at The Moon Café 323 William St Northbridge to see and hear Jo Merrey and Sarah Ure.  Open mike as always.

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