Saturday 9th of July, Ethel Webb Blundell Poetry Award poems and poets and Nigel de Bussy!

This Saturday 9th July at The Moon Café, Perth Poetry Club has two exciting features - the Ethel Webb Blundell Poetry Award poems and poets, and Nigel de Bussy.


The Ethel Webb Bundell Poetry Award is named after Ethel Webb Bundell, a Western Australian writer, poet and educator, and the award seeks excellence in poetry and short stories.   This year’s poetry winners are:

                  FIRST:         Marilyn Humbert (NSW) for Ricco

                  SECOND:    Rose van Son (WA) for Black-winged Stilt

                  THIRD:       Coral Carter (WA) for Florence Eveline

                                    HIGHLY COMMENDED

                                    Shane McCauley (WA), Jeff Guess ( SA) and Joanne Mills (WA)


                                    Jan Napier, Helen Iles (WA, Renee Pettitt-Schipp (WA), and Alicia Bakewell (WA)

A selection of their poems will be read by the following prize poets –

Rose van Son, Coral Carter, Shane McCauley, Jan Napier, Helen Iles, Renee Pettitt-Schipp and Alicia Bakewell.


We will also feature Nigel de Bussy.  Originally from the UK, Nigel has lived in WA since 1989.  He worked in public relations early in his career.  For more than 20 years he has been a lecturer at Curtin University where he is currently head of the School of Marketing.  Nigel has a lifelong love of literature but only quite recently began writing poems and short stories.  He hopes to write lots more in the years ahead.  Let’s hope that he continues to do so.

Be there at Perth Poetry Club, 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open-mike as always.

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