Saturday 11th March, Perth Woman Scream at The Moon, on Zoom!

WA Poets Inc and a great gang of organisers present PERTH WOMAN SCREAM '23 this Saturday 11th March, 2pm – 4pm, at The Moon Cafe, & on ZOOM

Perth Woman Scream '23 (PWS) will inject self-respect, motivation and fortitude into the women of our community.  It will be a rally point to identify and enunciate women’s issues.  PWS is an inclusive platform for women’s participation.  We seek and promote women and gender fluid poets of all ages, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation.  Further, PWS is on a mission to fight family violence and to make related issues known far and wide. 

This unique event features women speaking, rhyming, screaming to be heard in our current climate of discrimination, subtle and obvious violence towards women.  This event features local woman poets (and those who identify as woman):

  Sally Newman   Miriam Wei Wei Lo   Lucy Dougan   Carly Beth   Liana Joy Christensen   Namu Kitafuna

    with MC’s Lisa Collyer & Manveen Kohli.

There will be no open microphone slots.

Through this event, the audience will have an increased understanding of the lives of women in our community and the daily issues they both grapple and overcome.  Further, this event is one link in a chain of international arts-based events that mark International Women’s Day and demand an end in violence towards women.

Perth Woman Scream is fundraising for Starick Domestic Refuge, a charity supporting women and children escaping domestic violence and family violence.  All profits from this event will be donated to Starick Domestic Refuge.  Help support this event by making a tax deductible donation to cover venue costs, artists fees and technical staff fees.  To donate, click on the link:

Don’t miss this Saturday,   11th March 2023,   2pm to 4pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

   Perth Woman Scream '23

      Sally Newman, Miriam Wei Wei Lo, Lucy Dougan, Carly Beth, Liana Joy Christensen, Namu Kitafuna

         at The Moon Café, 323 William Street, Northbridge and on ZOOM

             Join Zoom Meeting:

A great place/space to be on a Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm WST.

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  11-Mar-23   Woman Scream '23 – event by WA Poets Inc (no open-mike, but great poets)

                      Sally Newman, Miriam Wei Wei Lo, Lucy Dougan, Carly Beth, Liana Joy Christensen, Namu Kitafuna

  18-Mar-23   Jackson & Tineke Van der Eecken + open-mike

  25-Mar-23   Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon & Carolyn Abbs + open-mike

    1-Apr-23   Don Smith + open-mike + Something unusual (it is April Fool’s afterall) …

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