Saturday 3rd December, Mardi May's Paintbox + open-mike, at The Moon, on Zoom!

This Saturday 3rd December we have wonderful poet Mardi May and the launch of her new anthology Paintbox, launch by Rita Tognini + open-mike at the Moon and on Zoom.

As a lonely 13-year-old, Mardi started writing a diary and now has a trunk filled with a lifetime of days, which are fertile memories for her writing.  She has a collection of award-winning short stories and poetry often prompted by these records. As a member of KSP, she facilitated the Social History writing group for 20 years and the poetry group for 16.  KSP became her other home and she was awarded a life membership.  She has five books of social history and Paintbox is her 10th book of poetry.  Poetry is a close companion and the poetry community of Perth her extended family.

PAINTBOX is a a rollicking trip through the world of colour, its mythology, symbolism, science and its effect on our lives and well-being.

Launch speech by Rita Tognini, noted poet in her own right.

A great place to be this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm.

The venue is The Moon Café, 323 William St, Northbridge and on ZOOM.

Gig details are: Perth Poetry Club invites you to a scheduled Hybrid Live and Zoom meeting from The Moon Cafe.

this Saturday, 3rd December 2022    2:00pm to 4:00pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

       Mardi May Book Launch, Paintbox, with Mardi May, Rita Tognini + open-mike

       Join Zoom Meeting:

You will have to wait for Zoom to do its thing. You will need to be let into the meeting from the Waiting Room. Please be patient. It may not work straight away. Try again. If that fails email Elio on

The next few weeks we have the following features:

  3-Dec-22   Mardi May Book Launch, Paintbox, with Mardi May, Rita Tognini + open-mike

 10-Dec-22  Mega Open-mike event, everyone is a feature (5 minutes max. each). Last gig of the year. Pizza and drinks afterwards.

        We are having a break, but we do have...

 17-,24-,31-Dec-22   Zoom only – poetry and chat

   7-Jan-23   Zoom only – poetry and chat

   8-Jan-23   TBC - Sunday lunch 12noon, no poetry, at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, 1/191 James Street, Northbridge

 14-Jan-23   Angelina Bong (visiting from Malaysia) + open-mike (First gig of the year) …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …