Thank you for 2021

Thank you everyone at Perth Poetry Club for 2021.

It certainly was a continuing year of poetry, COVID-19 and Zoom.

Thank you to our 1,900+ audience, 860 open-mikers, and 60 features during the year, who helped deliver over 2,200 poems

The 60 features do not include the following multiple features and ad hoc events we had:

  Event                   Features

  Recoil 12 Launch ( 11 No.) Thank you Coral Carter

  Young Poets Festival Gig ( 4 No.) in September  Thanks to Veronica Lake and WA Poets Inc

  Perth Poetry Festival Gig ( 6 No.) in September (Thanks to WA Poets Inc)

  Grand Final Special Thank you to Elio Novello

  Brushstrokes 2 Launch ( 8 No.) in November Thanks to WA Poets Inc, the Spencer family & Allan Padgett

  Blak Ink Poetry Competition ( 6 No.) in December (Thanks to WA Poets Inc)


Overall we had 5 book Launches,

Recoil-12 already mentioned  +  Precis (Mardi May)     Constellations (Deanne Leber)     Slings & Arrows 4 & 5 (Glen Phillips)


Our 4 Mega Open-mike events in January, April, May & October, where everyone is a feature.

Thanks to Elio Novello, Christine Della Vedova, Leonard James and Coral Carter for MC-ing throughout the year

Many thanks to:

   Allan Boyd (the antipoet) for website architecture and paying for our domain name

   the Underlords, especially ·

         Neil J BRiLO Pattinson for moral guidance, and counsel ·

         Coral Carter, our paparazza, Recoil editor, and counsel ·

         Leonard James for counsel, talent scouting, feature bookings ·

         Elio Novello for general organisation

Special special thanks to Ben Hoare on the sound desk and helping us with Moon Zoom, and to the Moon Café for use of the backroom and providing us with this space.

An extra special thank you to Clancy Travers for use of his Zoom Q8 camera.

Highlights for the year were: COVID-19 - how people continued to cope with it, suffered with it

                                             Our international and interstate audience and supporters, thank you very very much

                                             WA folk who supported us at the Moon and thru Zoom, thank you very very much as well

                                             Features from WA, Vic, Tas, NSW, ACT, Finland, Nepal, UK, Singapore, Zambia, France

                                             Apologies to those and places we have missed

We are taking a 5-week break.

We will be back in 2022 at the Moon Café, 323 William St, Northbridge and on ZOOM. A great place to be on a Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm WST.

2022 start back with:

 Sunday 9-Jan-22 Covid permitting

              Sunday Lunch 12noon – no poetry, at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, 191 James St, Northbridge

              RSVP or Elio on 0417 345 863, so we can confirm numbers with restaurant


 15-Jan-22   First gig back Peter Jeffery + Sonya Frossine + open-mike

 22-Jan-22   Ben Mason+ open-mike

 29-Jan-22   Mega Open-mike event, where everyone is a feature (5 minutes max. for each open-miker) …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …