Saturday 21st of May, Connor Weightman and Viv Glance!

This Saturday 21st May 2016, we have two great poets featuring at Perth Poetry Club.

Connor Weightman is a Perth-based writer, still. His poetry has been published in such admirable publications as Westerly, Cordite, Writ Review and RECOIL.  He is a current co-word curator of the quarterly spoken word event, Ships in the Night.  When he is not writing, he can sometimes be found pulling espresso in Perth's business districts.

Viv Glance is a performer, playwright, producer and poet – and is adding another ‘P’ to her bio, that of aspiring politician!  As the Australian Greens candidate for Curtin (Julie Bishop’s seat) Viv is intent on highlighting the value of the Arts both as a practice and as an essential part of community, as well as issues of social justice and global warming.  Viv has published 2 collections of poetry and has had many plays produced and published. She’d love more artists to engage with politics through their work, and her reading today will feature poems by other writers, as well as a few of her own.

See you this Saturday 2pm - 4pm for a polite and political Perth Poetry Club at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open mike as usual.

In coming weeks we have:

28-May-16                  Keren Gila Raiter & Bill Dickie

4-Jun-16                  William Jenkins (Bill) & Xan Ashbury