Saturday 16th of April, Colin Young and Kai Schweizer!

Our two features this Saturday 16th April 2016 are eclectic, elusive but worth listening to.

Colin Young is volunteer Publicity Officer at FAWWA.  If you google “Colin Young poet”, you get images of Donald Trump, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, but none of Colin. Colin translates ancient Greek poetry, has a PhD in Ancient/Classical Greek Language and Literature, has been known to wear a golden wreath (ancient Roman style), but his poetry is grounded in the here and now.

Kai Schweizer (pictured) is a poet currently studying a double degree in Sexology and Creative Writing at Curtin University. Kai is part of the new breed of emerging poets here in Perth who tackle issues of identity, body, sex and place within culture and society with an unashamed in-your-face confessional style. He is also the page manager of Why I Need Safe Schools In Perth and is an avid supporter of queer and trans* rights. Finally, Kai was once, notoriously, banned from Facebook for posting a short story that tackled the dissonance of contemporary youth with a shocking forthright fierceness.  Kai appears regularly at Spoken Word Perth. 

We are in for a treat at Perth Poetry Club this Saturday 2pm-4pm, at the Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open mike as always.

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