Saturday 2nd of April, Peter Bibby and Kate Black-Regan!

Perth Poetry Club has two diverse features this Saturday by name of Peter Bibby and Kate Black-Regan – please don’t miss it.

Peter Bibby (pictured left) is a tireless worker for poetry in WA.  There must be something in the name.  Whether as poet, singer, songster, playwright, critic, Peter is a rock upon which many others have benefited.  Peter was born in the U.K., arrived in Australia at age of nine.  He has been editor at Magabala Books, and is the recipient of numerous awards for poetry and short stories. In addition to these literary forms, he also writes radio and movie scripts, and plays.

Kate Black-Regan (pictured right) is a performance artist, vocalist, poet, and women's advocate from the Philadelphia area, USA.  She is a freelance actor and resident performer with transcendently bizarre and darkly subversive Transmissions Theatre.  Kate has written three multidisciplinary one-woman shows as well as a chapbook of poetry (Leeway Foundation, 2014).  She is a vocalist, and collaborates as a singer and ukulele player with various artists. 

Kate is currently embarking on 6-month stay in Australia followed by a year in Southern India to attend a program in Expressive and Creative Art Therapies.  Her current show, Rising Spiral: A One-Woman Experiment, will be performed in a private location in Perth on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.  For location details, email

See you at Perth Poetry Club, 323 William Street Northbridge, 2pm – 4pm this Saturday 2nd April 2016 to see and hear Peter Bibby and Kate Black-Regan.  Open-mike as always.

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