Saturday 26th of March, Splodge (aka Marcus John) and Vomit!

Splodge (aka Marcus John) (pictured left) is an English-born performance poet, writer, interventionist and artist.  He is dynamic.  His voice is velvet smooth, yummy as chocolate.  His words dance through your senses and take you to surprising places!  His poetry has featured on both the written page and nebulous web, but it is best to experience it live…

'Vomit' (pictured right) is an anarcho-punk poet/muso.  He is part of the C.L.F [criminal liberation front], a loose-knit Anarchist and Punk network that involves poets, artists, activists.  We are lead to believe his real name is Richard Prominent, but not sure because we haven’t been able to contact him to confirm.  So we hope that he will be there this Saturday.

Venue as always is The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge between 2pm and 4pm with open-mike.

Next few weeks

2nd April 2016       Peter Bibby & Kate Black-Regan (USA)

9th April 2016        TBA