Saturday 19th January, Ananda Barton + Jane Cornes Maclean!

This Saturday 19th January 2019 we have two wonderful poets, Ananda Barton + Jane Cornes Maclean, and open-mike.

Seventeen days after Ananda Barton was born the United States abandoned the gold standard, although there is no proven link between these two events.  Born in Western Australia and growing up in the South West, Ananda’s life has encompassed unemployment, studying ancient history at UWA, the State public service and appointment as an officer in the army of an unrecognized nation.

His poetry is shaped by a love of old bottles, beachcombing, Roman coins, obscure books and an interest in early twentieth century Southern European and Latin American political extremism.  He is prone to sudden bursts of enthusiasm for obscure topics, odd people and strange events.

Ananda will be have a collection box for Benevolent Hands, a group of Iraqi refugees who set up a group to assist fellow Iraqis overseas and in WA.

Jane Cornes Maclean is an award-winning features writer, editor, creative writing teacher, musician and songwriter.  She has edited numerous non-fiction titles and contributed feature articles to a wide variety of magazines and newspapers.  Today her primary focus – and joy – is helping others realise their creative potential and runs songwriting and creative writing retreats in Australia and overseas.  She also created the Lived Experience therapeutic writing program, for women who have experienced domestic and family violence.

Jane was the Artistic Director of the Nanga Music Festival for 10 years.  She continues to be a strong advocate for independent, lyric-driven music and runs a not-for-profit monthly performance venue in Maylands.  Jane has written dozens of songs, has released four CDs of original music and was half of the gal duo Doris.  Today, her trio Jane and The Rain performs at festivals and events throughout Australia.  Jane also gets to chair interviews and panel discussions at the annual Perth Writers’ Festival.

Jane lives in Woodbridge, WA, with husband Neil and two flatulent dogs.  She is currently writing her first novel.

Join us at Perth Poetry Club this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to hear Ananda Barton + Jane Cornes Maclean.

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