Saturday 13th of February, David Slade and Sanna Peden!


David Slade (pictured left) spent 40 years in the world of fire insurance.  Having ‘dabbled’ in writing poetry for many years, early retirement provided the opportunity to join Slipstream Poets, a group based in Storrington, West Sussex and Silk Road Writers in Littlehampton.  Visiting Australia, David has been a regular contributor to Perth Poetry Club 

David has published two collections of Poetry, ‘Images on a Silver Screen’ in 2009 and ‘A Matter of Record’ in 2014, and numerous items in magazines. 

Since 1959, he has been a Member of the Royal Life Saving Society, now as Honorary Life Member and Life Governor.  His other interests include researching 20th Century naval history.

Sanna Peden (pictured right) is a lapsed academic and a recovering writer. She has exactly the kinds of literary ambitions and poetic outputs you would expect of someone whose first love was Gilbert Blythe.   Sanna is known to us for her quirky poetry and performance.

Sanna is currently working on a novella-length medical thriller; tweet her with advice on how to dispose of bodies (@sannapeden) or distract her with questions about the Eurovision Song Contest.  She may be a Eurovision tragic but it would be equally tragic if you were not at Perth Poetry Club to experience her.

Be there to be entertained by David Slade and Sanna Peden on Saturday 13th February 2016, 2pm to 4pm, Perth Poetry Club, at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge.  Open-mike as always.

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