Saturday 29th of April, Mattie Goedegebuur and Arran Lodge!

We have two wonderful poets Mattie Goedegebuur (the Netherlands) and Arran Lodge, this Saturday 29th April 2017 at Perth Poetry Club.

Mattie Goedegebuur (pictured left) is a teacher/ educator.  Born in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, now living in Spakenburg, she is a committed people- person and works primarily with people with personality disorders. She has always been fascinated by the possibility of playing with language.

She observes the world around her with curiosity. She wants to capture it in words and pictures and displays it in its own perspective. She reflects her thoughts on paper.

Mattie’s poetry is widely published in magazines and 28 poetry anthologies. She often recites her work published in three poetry collections/books ‘Pure Poetry’ (2014) 'Double Poets’ (2015) in collaboration with Derrel Niemeyer and ‘Unveiled‘ (2017).

Arran Lodge (pictured right) - born on the West Australian coast, he's instinctively drawn to the ocean, and very fond of surfing, cycling & leisurely living. 

He's very grateful to have grown up surrounded by my mother's vibrant visual art and creative energy with a lot of time spent in south coastal national parks. He writes to reflect on deeper emotions and find inner clarity, like to play with language to capture experiences and sometimes simply to channel random creative outbursts. He has have featured in Perth Poetry Club's annual Recoil publication (number 5) while another poem was once selected in a Transperth poster competition winning a prize of $300 worth of multiriders (!) .

Please join us at The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge this Saturday 2pm-4pm to hear Mattie Goedegebuur and Arran Lodge.  Open-mike as always.

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