16th January 2016 - Helchild and Steve Fulcher

Perth Poetry Club starts back this Saturday 16th January 2016 with two fabulous features to start the new year.

Helchild aka Helen Child is a Perth born, satirical poet, comedian and visual artist who combines her warped talents to create performance monstrosities…that first hit the stage in 1995 and haven't stopped, despite many concerted efforts by some to make it stop. Helchild will not stop!! She appears in festivals, zines, TV and radio. Helchild has a CD available, a new zine and lots of appalling videos on YouTube.

Steve Fulcher is a working class surrealist poet from the Perth Hills. Formerly known as H-Arp, then JC the Pervert, and occasionally still known as H-Arp, also known on facebook as Thedeadfamous (ASIO will finally get onto him). He has been writing all his life (the only distraction being when he had an umbilical cord), and capturing his poems in earnest since 2006, currently unpublished.

Be there for a great start to the Perth Poetry Club for 2016. Hear Helchild and Steve Fulcher at the Moon Café 323 William Street, Northbridge between 2pm and 4pm, Saturday 16th January. Open-mike as always.

In coming Saturdays we have
23-Jan-16 David Pensabene & Alex Dubus (UK)
30-Jan-16 Caitlin Maling & Alex Chapman
6-Feb-16 fabulous poets from the Said Poets Society