Saturday 11th of February, Allan Padgett and Maddie Godfrey!

Our two fabulous features this Saturday 11th February 2017 at Perth Poetry Club are Allan Padgett & Maddie Godfrey.

Allan Padgett is an Australian poet who has been published in a range of mags.  He hangs out at The Moon Café in Northbridge most Saturdays where he is surrounded by a warm throng of fellow scribblers.  Once he was tagged as ‘Perth Poetry Club’s favourite larrikin poet’, which made him glow like a radioactive element, but happily.  Speaking of elements, Allan lives in a fertile yard where he communes with birds; this happens often by riverside, too – in both beautiful environments, poems issue forth.  At other times, he inhabits his backyard man cave with his laptop & passionate, protective kelpie, and they occasionally have a duet of cry.  Otherwise, he is fine and getting on with being an Old Bastard who loves words and with a willingness as always to die for justice & freedom of expression.  Often enough the past and/or the present catch up with him and deeper, darker words flow, a neat counter-balance to the effusive brightness of birdsong and pretty feathers.

Maddie Godfrey is a Perth-bred poet currently based in London.  She has been described as “a poetry fireball” and “a word spewer”, both of which are accurate.  Maddie has performed at prestigious venues such as The Sydney Opera House, The Bowery Poetry Club and The Royal Albert Hall.

She is the poetry big sister of Alex Biddle, has been carried home by The Laundry Man, and has inspired Scott Patrick Mitchell.  She has also been internationally published and acclaimed, but is most proud of her ability to write endless love poems that reference coffee or burritos.  Maddie has just received sold out audiences and rave reviews for her Perth Fringe show “If My Body Was A Poem”. She is not a morning person.  

You can find her online at: or

Please join us at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge this Saturday 2pm-4pm for Allan Padgett & Maddie Godfrey.  Open mike as always…

In coming weeks, we have the following feature poets + open mike as always:

18-Feb-17 Naniso Tswai (Berlin)

25-Feb-17 Informalities by Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Sanna Peden & Matthew Jamieson

… All, not to be missed …