Saturday 14th of January, Craig Rogers and Reuben Huntley!

Perth Poetry Club starts 2017 with the ardent pairing of Craig Rogers and Reuben Huntley.

Craig Rogers has been reading and writing poetry for close on six years.  He read one of his first poems at a Poetry Slam, also his first reading, where he heard of Perth Poetry Club which he then began attending regularly.  Shortly after this he discovered the work of Charles Bukowski and a love affair began - he was instantly struck by the title of a posthumous collection “.. the words were.. What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire”.

From here he came across the Beats with the help of fellow subterranean Reuben Huntley (a hitchhiking young adventurer with a lust for life and dreaming) who gave him a City-Lights pocket-book of Ginsberg’s Howl.  Craig also enjoys nourishment from the shining wisdom of philosophers like Gurdjeff and Jung as well as modern-western philosopher Neil Kramer...

Craig’s writing is heartfelt and honest with occasional sprinklings of sentimental nonsense or bitter irony, n' plenty of grit.  Now he is going to lick your faces with a hairy tongue...

Reuben Huntley is the seed that sprouted many moons ago out east, country Victoria Australia.  Since his expeditious conception, the reins were all too windy to steer his finely crafted carriage straight - dreams & tales spilled from popped bottles of bubbles and home made honey delight since day one.  He has been an expeditious charismatic true adventurer his whole life - reading, writing short stories, and poems of fathomless oversight along his merrisome way.  Publishing his first novel ‘The Hitch’ when he was 24 under the name K.Rollin, which contrived a poetic philosophical spoked hitch hike from Perth to Melbourne crowned somewhere between J.D Sailinger and Jack.Keroauc.

Reuben has always been a musical advocate and subterranean beatnik musician with focus toward piano and guitar.  He leads a very small team of dreamers under the title ‘Dreamers Regiment’ who are Pro artists in their own right, front lining for the new generation of prosperity with simple faith in individual creation.  ‘If you ain’t dreaming, you’re dying”, as he takes off indefinitely into the lost wilderness of the Bibbulmun. 

Join us at The Moon Café 323 William Street Northbridge this Saturday 2pm-4pm for the start of our poetry journey this year.  Open mike as always…

In following weeks we have

21-Jan-17            Joanna Wakefield & Istenad Haddad

28-Jan-17            Morsi & TBA