PIAF 2017 poet-related films!

There are two excellent poet-related films screening as part of PIAF (Perth International Arts Festival) 2017:

Paterson –

“Each day in a New Jersey town, Paterson (actor Adam Driver) gets up and writes a short, sweet poem before beginning work as a bus driver. In the evenings he returns to his loving wife and dog, all the while paying attention to the people who make up his richly patterned world.”

For tickets, visit https://perthfestival.com.au/lotterywest-festival-films/whats-on/events/paterson/


Neruda –

“This sexy, witty and highly entertaining film has the poise and energy of its subject’s own words. It is Santiago in 1948 and Pablo Neruda (actor Gael García Bernal), Chile’s adored, charismatic poet, is sent into hiding when right-wing President Videla demands his arrest. Concealed by a network of sympathisers – and with a clueless but dogged cop in pursuit – Neruda flees toward the Argentine mountains whilst covertly publishing his rousing verse.”

For tickets, visit https://perthfestival.com.au/lotterywest-festival-films/whats-on/events/neruda/