Whats On

Saturday 16th of July, Emlyn Matthew Johnson!

This week’s Perth Poetry Club proves to be an entertaining one with an interesting feature by the name of Emlyn Johnson.

Emlyn Matthew Johnson (b. 1987) is an Australian poet.   He graduated from Latrobe University (Melbs) in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in English cum laude. He studied at The University of Canterbury (New Zealand), The University of Murdoch, Perth Modern School, Shenton College, Hollywood Senior High School, Swanbourne Primary School, Butterknowle Primary School (England), and Swanbourne Primary School.

Saturday 2nd of July, Alex Biddle and Charmaine Landwehr

This Saturday we have Alex Biddle and Charmaine Landwehr as our feature poets.

Alex Biddle (left pictured) currently has six girlfriends, seven boyfriends, three non-binary partners and 72 Ferrari's. Since her last feature performing at the Moon, Alex now have seventeen traffic cones which is one less than their age. Alex is also known as a "gender fluid superstar" but mostly just called “Biddle”. Alex was our youngest feature at Perth Poetry Club, and in their words “They do poetry sometimes and it’s alright I guess.” Alex’s poetry certainly is alright.