Whats On

Saturday 17th of September, Chris Arnold and Tim Gallagher!

We have two great poets Chris Arnold and Tim Gallagher this Saturday who let the power and magic of poetry resonate in what they write and perform.

Chris Arnold has been around Perth poetry gigs since 2010. Lately he’s been writing mostly about dreams, cats, and the people that have them. He recently finished an honours degree in English, where he developed a nasty habit of writing narratives than span many poems. Usually they’re too long for a reading, but this Saturday…

Saturday 3rd of September, Carolyn Abbs and Christine Della Vedova!

This Saturday 3rd September 2016, we have two wonderful features by way of Carolyn Abbs and Christine Della Vedova.

Carolyn Abbs is a Western Australian poet published in leading journals and anthologies such as Westerly, Cordite, Rabbit, Writ Poetry Review, Axon: Creative Explorations, The Best Australian Poems 2014, and Australian Book Review as part of the ABR ‘States of Poetry’ project (2016).  She is currently working towards a first manuscript.

Saturday 6th of August, Matt Hetherington and Bill Dickie!

This Saturday 6th August at Perth Poetry Club we have two features (Matt Hetherington and Bill Dickie) and a book launch.  What more could you ask?

Matt Hetherington is a writer, music-maker, and moderate self-promoter living in Brisbane.  He has been writing poetry for over 30 years, and has published four poetry collections and over 300 poems.  He is a great performer and entertainer – someone not to be missed.