Whats On

Saturday 18th September, Perth Poetry Festival poets + open-mike, at the Moon & Zoom!

This Saturday 18th September it’s Perth Poetry Festival time and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club, VIA ZOOM and at the Moon Café.

We have fantastic festival poets: RiktheMost (NZ)   David McCooey (Vic)   Jill Jones (SA)   Emily Sun   Alexander Te Pohe   Miriam Wei Lo

Festival poet bios and the Festival programme can be found on the WA Poets website https://wapoets.com/

Saturday 11th September, Young Poets Showcase at the Moon and on Zoom!

This Saturday 11th September we have Young Poets Showcase + open-mike at Perth Poetry Club, mc-ed by Veronica Lake and PPC, VIA ZOOM at the Moon Cafe.

2021 has been a difficult year for everyone because of Covid.  It has impacted on our lives in many ways.  For Year 12 students who work under enormous pressure in their final year of school, Covid has added an extra dimension of stress.  Nonetheless, the young poets reading out their work today, have still found time to be creative and in this most special of genres. 

Saturday 4th September, Glen Phillips' Slings & Arrows & Friends + open-mike, at the Moon on Zoom!

This Saturday 4th September 2pm-4pm we have wonderful poet Glen Phillips + SLINGS & ARROWS (Books 4 & 5) – Poetry for Performance + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

        Launching Book 4, Totally Cleaned Out, is Christine Della Vedova with Colin Young (Ed) - poems as well

        Launching Book 5, OOPS!, is Daphne Milne with Allan Padgett (Ed) - poems as well

Saturday 28th August, Julian Matthews, Chris Palazzolo + open-mike! at the Moon and Zoom

This Saturday 28th August 2pm-4pm we have two wonderful poets Julian Matthews (Malaysia) and Chris Palazzolo + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

Julian Matthews is a former journalist from Malaysia who stumbled onto poetry by accident four years ago.  That happy accident has turned into a rabid compulsion.  He is still extricating himself from the crash.  His poems are commentaries on the human condition that are mostly sad and depressing.  You either need tissues or therapy. Welcome to his recovery.

Saturday 7th August, Mwelwa on CoS (Zambia) + open-mike, at the Moon and Zoom!

This Saturday 7th August 2pm-4pm we have wonderful poet Mwelwa on CoS + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

Mwelwa Chilombo also referred to as Mwelwa on CoS is a young creative thinker, story teller, performance poet, a song lyricist all wrapped up in a lawyer. 

Born and bred in Kitwe city, Zambia, he is a lively and unique soul who believes that art is a celebration of the things that make us human.  Our ability to create is the basis of all God’s gifts that enables us to form what we call Art. 

Saturday 24th July, Deanne Leber + her Constellations, at the Moon and on Zoom!

This Saturday 24th July  2pm-4pm  we have wonderful poet Deanne Leber + launch of her Constellations + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

Launch speech by Dr Andrew Burke, also featuring retired Assoc Prof. Susan Ash (from ECU).

Deanne Leber is a writer, with poetry being her first love.  She has worked on a collection of poems as part of her PhD project at Edith Cowan University.