Saturday 18th May, Van Su Yun (& her book Yin Yang) + JCPoet (Steve Fulcher) + open-mike, at The Moon, on Zoom!

Perth Poetry Club has the wonderful Van Su Yun (Singapore), the Zoom launch of her Yin Yang, and JCPoet (Steve Fulcher) plus open-mike this Saturday 18th May, 2pm-4pm, at The Moon Café and on Zoom.

Van Su Yun (aka Syvan) is honoured to have been invited as feature for Perth Poetry Club, more so that she is being asked to read from her first ever poetry publication. She is also shamelessly proud of having been able to co-opt Elio and PPC in her schemes for world domination, starting with this publication filled to the margins with her egotistical delusions of grandeur.

Whenever she wishes to avoid being called in for a 9-hour shift, she claims to be an “important micro-mini-nano-poet” required for 20 seconds at 2-hour poetry events by touting the following achievements:
• selected for Poetry On The Move 2020 by the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research in the Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra
• 1st runner-up in the Singapore WordForward Survivor Slam Nov 2022
• Multi-featured poet at Perth Poetry Club
Yin Yang: A Poetry Collection by Syvan is a public letter to everyone who ever laughed in harsh daylight and cried under the cover of night – you’re not alone in trying to learn to love the light.

JCPoet (Steve Fulcher) is working class surrealist poet now based in Victoria. He writes in various guises (formerly known as H-Arp, then various associations of JC). He has been writing all his life (the only distraction being when he had an umbilical cord), and capturing his poems in earnest since 2006. Steve reckons Words endlessly recycled/Are just different doors/In different walls.

Open-mike as usual.

Join us to celebrate poetry at The Moon from the back room, and on Zoom.

Saturday, 18th May 2024, 2pm to 4pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

Van Su Yun (Singapore) & Zoom launch of her Yin Yang,
& JCPoet (Steve Fulcher) + open-mike,

at The Moon Café, 323 William Street, Northbridge, and on Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting:

A great space to be on a Saturday afternoon at The Moon and on Zoom.

In weeks to come, we have:

Van Su Yun (Singapore) & Zoom launch of her Yin Yang,
& JCPoet (Steve Fulcher) + open-mike

Helen Hagemann & her new book Bounty: Prose Poetry + open-mike

Josephine Clarke + Ananda Barton + open-mike

Love to Read Local event - Tim Kinsella reading from Wingbeat, being interviewed by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

… All with open-mike, not to be missed …