Saturday 20th January, Aaron Tuckey & Jill Taylor Neal + open-mike, at The Moon, on Zoom!

Perth Poetry Club has wonderful poets Aaron Tuckey (Sweden) & Jill Taylor Neal + open-mike, this Saturday 20th January, 2pm-4pm, Perth (Boorloo) time.

Born into a musical family, Aaron Tuckey holds degrees in political science and sustainability science, and half a degree in classical music composition. He has been writing poetry for 10 years in parallel to his career in climate and sustainability within academia and the public sector.

He has stage experience in both English and Swedish as a poet, public speaker, classical and contemporary musician, master of ceremonies, facilitator and even dabbled in improvised theatre. He is a published scientific author and has self-published a poetic anthology.

Aaron combines art and science to communicate the severity and urgency of the multiple, interconnected sustainability crises we currently face, both to raise public awareness on stage and as an outlet for his own frustration and concern. Aaron sits on the board of the Stockholm Poet Society.

Jill Taylor Neal is an AuDHD poet and English language teacher currently based in south-west regional WA. Her favourite thing about poetry is its ability to showcase and celebrate the musicality of language and how readily it can be put to work as a vessel for the collective voice of change.

Through the written word, she can explore the outer reaches of the universe or the mysterious inner workings of her soul—all while within easy reach of a decent cuppa.

To date, Jill’s poems have won three first prizes and have been published across five Australian anthologies, all of which are available through WA Poets Inc., in print and online.

Join us to celebrate poetry at the Moon and via Zoom.

Saturday, 20th January 2024, 2pm to 4pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

Aaron Tuckey (Sweden) & Jill Taylor Neal + open-mike

at The Moon Café, 323 William Street, Northbridge

Join Zoom Meeting:

A great space to be on a Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm WST.

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