Saturday 15th July, Julian Matthews (Malaysia) + open-mike, at The Moon, on Zoom!

Perth Poetry Club has wonderful poet Julian Matthews (Malaysia) + open-mike this Saturday 15th July, 2pm-4pm at The Moon Café and on ZOOM.

Julian Matthews is a Pushcart-nominated poet, and the offspring of mixed minorities from Malaysia.  He is published in the American Journal of Poetry, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Live Encounters poetry magazine and New Verse News online site, among others.

Julian stumbled upon a creative writing workshop in 2017.  Despite having his poetry deflector shields on, he was sucked in and infected with the virus of metaphors and similes for which there is no vaccine.  He now gravitates between the negative whitespaces of the Page and positive, late night, dark spaces of the Stage on zoom open mics around the world.

If you wish to support his recovery, please send him a message in a bottle and fling it out to the nearest body of water, preferably with Wordle answers.  Otherwise, you can follow his poetic journey at

Please join us to celebrate poetry

this Saturday, 15th July 2023, 2pm to 4pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

       Julian Matthews + open-mike at The Moon Café, 323 William Street, Northbridge and on ZOOM

       Join Zoom Meeting:

A great place/space to be on a Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm WST, at The Moon & on Zoom.

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