Saturday 19th March, Christine Della Vedova + open-mike, at the Moon on Zoom

This Saturday 19th March has wonderful poet Christine Della Vedova + open-mike at Perth Poetry Club, VIA ZOOM and at THE MOON CAFÉ.

Christine Della Vedova is a performance poet and poetry event organizer from around the way.  On a semi-regular basis, she can be found hosting the scruffy yet venerable Perth Poetry Club.

Christine organizes the Perth chapter of “Woman Scream;” an annual event held to mark International Women’s Day.  She also organizes the annual Junior Poetry Performance at Highgate Primary School, where she cheerfully indoctrinates kidlets with a love of poetry and literature.

Christine presents The Life and Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson, the Man Behind Treasure Island.  Robert’s life reads like the plot of novels, with action, scandal and the scent of romance. Just like his character, he cheated death many times in his life, he was tossed on boats and he adventured on horseback.  Journey with Christine and Robert Louis Stevenson across the seas to foreign lands.

Please join us to celebrate poetry this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm.

The venue is Moon Café, 323 William St, Northbridge and on ZOOM.

Gig details are:

Perth Poetry Club is inviting you to a scheduled Hybrid Live and Zoom meeting from Moon Cafe.

      this Saturday, 19th March 2022   2:00pm to 4:00pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

           Christine Della Vedova + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom

                 Join Zoom Meeting:

You will have to wait for Zoom to do its thing.  You will need to be let into the meeting from the Waiting Room.  Please be patient. It may not work straight away.  Try again. If that fails email Elio on

The Moon Café will be checking double vax status.  Poetry attendees and organizers will need to show their cert to enter the café, in line with WA Gov requirements.

The next few weeks we have the following features:

  19-Mar-22   Christine Della Vedova + open-mike

                       CDV presents Robert Louis Stevenson – What a Life !!!

  26-Mar-22   Mega-Open-mike event, where everyone is a feature (5minutes max)

    2-Apr-22   Yvonne Paterson + open-mike

    9-Apr-22   C J O'Toole and Lola McDowell (TBC) + open-mike

  16-Apr-22   William Huang + TBC + open-mike

  23-Apr-22   Mar Bucknell + open-mike

                      Launch of Fifty Words for Sand: a history of live poetry in WA 1829-2021, by Mar Bucknell

                      published by WA Poets Publishing launch speech by Peter Jeffery

  30-Apr-22   Peter Burges + open-mike …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …